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Arrow Annual Report 2023

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John and Ray are brothers who had been placed with their great aunt in foster care in Maryland, but she was unable to keep caring for them. John, the older brother, is diagnosed with autism. The brothers were temporarily placed in separate foster homes. Ray’s foster father was open to adopting him, but he was worried that he didn’t have the experience to parent a child with special needs. Ray and John’s caseworker worked with him to educate him on caring for a child with autism. He began learning more about John, and soon John and Ray were reunited in his home. Several months later, he adopted both of the boys, and they are now a forever family.10-year-old James was referred to our Behavioral Health Services program due to physical and verbal aggression. In eight months of working with his Behavioral Support Specialist, James has made huge strides, meeting all of his treatment goals, including no verbally or physically aggressive episodes in three months. Most importantly, he believes that he is loved, part of a family, and that his family is not giving up on him. James was adopted this year, and he has graduated from Behavioral Health Services!

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